Friends — Luna

Simon was famous on Facebook Had hundreds of friends in his life Yet no one he actually spoke to No buddies, no girlfriend, no wife. His success was repeated on Twitter One million followers plus But he came to a violent ending Knocked down by the number nine bus. The money he made from his […]

Friends — Luna


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What do bees eat for their tea?
Cheese on toast like you and me
But what's really rather funny
Is how they turn it into honey.


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The Restaurant

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The Restaurant

"My sirloin is tough."

"This wine's a bit rough."

"It's busy, I know
But service is slow."

"My soup's almost cold."

"This bread's five days old."

"Toilets are dirty."

"That waiter is shirty."

"Has B.O moreover."

"Shush, he's coming over."

"Ladies!  Everything fine?"

"Yes thanks.  Some more wine!"


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A funeral plan, the ad man said
Is necessary, a must
To pay expenses when I'm dead
When dust returns to dust.

I listened well, did not dismiss
But what a paradox
When all; life's labours come to this
I've paid for my own box.


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Today I said goodbye
To yet another tooth
I cannot tell a lie
It hurt, and that's the truth.

I have to go again
And face a day of reckoning
No more aches or pain though
My false teeth are beckoning.

The Fox

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The fox
Stealthily creeping
Sleek and sly
Brush tail sweeping
The fox glides by.

The Challenge

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The challenge

A beautiful woman named Claire
Sent her dad down a wire for a dare
Like Castor and Pollux
They trussed up his bollocks
The height of it gave him a scare.

He flew through the air like a plane
From Portugal right into Spain
She was clearly so proud
But he said to the crowd
"You won't get me on it again."


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Crazy Maisie, ticky tocky
Oops a daisy, Jabberwocky
Easy peasy, squishy squashy
Lemon squeezy, wishy washy

Steady Eddie, sweet as honey
Fiery Freddie, funny bunny
Buster Grimes and chilly Willy
Nonsense rhymes are just plain silly.

The conqueror

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The Conqueror

Veni, vidi, vici
I came, I saw, I conquered
Just showing off

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