The way we were

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The way we were (to Bohemian Rhapsody by Freddie Mercury)

I've had a real life
Not tried no ecstasy
Stuck to the Tetley's
My escape from reality
Tell you no lies
Look back on my life and see
Council estate boy, I got no sympathy
Because my friends would come, friends would go
Bullied high, bullied low
Anyway I must grow,teachers turned a blind eye
To me, to me.

Mama, she tried her best
Escaped whilst I still could
Got a woman, did me good
Mama, I invented love
But now old age just took it all away
Mama, aahhh
It sure makes me want to cry
The things I've lost, I won't get back tomorrow
It's all gone, it's all gone
Like the rain that pitter patters.

Too late, the way we were
Young people loads of time
Bodies searching perfect rhyme
Two a.m everybody, I've got to go
Gotta get up from my bed and take a pee
Mama, aahhh (any way the splash flows)
I don't want to age
I sometimes wish I'd never done anything dumb.

I see a little nervous shadow of myself
Too much beer, too much wine, banging all night on the banjo
Boddington's and curry, always in a hurry, me
Way we were oh, way we were oh
Way we were oh, way we were oh
Way we were has got to go, oh no, oh no.

I'm just an old man, and nobody sees me
He's just an old man, last in the family
His Alzheimer's could be senility.

Youth'll cry, youth'll sigh, let the old man die
No way mate! No we will not let him die. Let him die
No way mate. We will not let you die. Let him die
No way mate! We will not let him die. Let him die
Will not let him die. Let him die (never)
Never, never, never, never, never let him die
Why, why, why, why, why, why, why
Oh God in heaven, God in heaven, God in heaven let me die
In Wetherspoons has the barmaid raised a glass
To me
To me

So you think you will not lose that glint in your eye
So you think you can stay young and you'll never die
Oh baby, it's impossible baby
You're gonna grow old,  you're gonna grow old before long
Aahh yeah, aahhh yeah.

Does life really matter
Are we all born free
Does life really matter
Yes life really matters, to me.

Anyway the mind goes.

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