Animals and Nature

Dauphy’s friend, Bella

Good morning everyone. I haven’t posted any new poems today because I am trying to tidy my blog a bit. There were too many poems in the general section, so I’ve pulled some out and put them into a new category, ‘Animals and Nature.’ Have a look by clicking the link in the menu top right, and I’d be interested to know what you think. Thank you.


By Hobbo

A contemporary poet with a Yorkshire sense of humour

16 replies on “Animals and Nature”

Are you familiar with the .wp-admin interface? If not I can give further instructions.
That allows for management and restructuring of tags and categories.
In your list of posts, you can filter all in a certain category and “quick edit” rather than going into the post itself.
I regard cleaning up categories as necessary housekeeping and this way is the quickest I found.

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The other thing is that, here, unemployment is maybe 1/3 minimum wage, so the idea of somebody electing to be unemployed soes not make sense.
And yes, that does indeed mean that unemployed people are kept in poverty.

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