The Donkey

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The Donkey

Dauphy tried to sing a verse
About a little donkey
Each effort came out worse
It must have been the wrong key.


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Santa was their Christmas treat
She'd taken them for years
When Archie asked for granddad back
She couldn't stop the tears.

The Seamstress

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The Seamstress

Mother of three Lucy Lastik
With a needle was enthusiastic
At stitching and sewing
She delighted in knowing
That her fashionable clothes were fantastic.


Hobbo: Morning Dauphy.

Dauphy: Morning mate. I’ve been reading this blog by D.Wallace.Peach about something called muses. Are they a bit like mice?

Hobbo: No, a muse is someone or something that inspires artistic people. You are my muse.

Dauphy: You don’t paint pictures.

Hobbo: No, but I am a poet, and that’s artistic.

Dauphy: Mmmm.

Hobbo: Muses are usually female, but it doesn’t have to be so. You inspire me, you can be my muse.

Dauphy: I’d rather be a labrador.

Hobbo: Sure, but you can still be my muse. By the way Dauphy, did you know that Harry Kane has never scored a goal on a Wednesday.

Dauphy: Wow, that is an amazing fact. Who’s Harry Kane?


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Dozens of them
atop the slimmest of branches
staring down
like silent sentinels.
A sharp noise
and they're gone
ephemeral as a thought
in the midday sun.

Dual Standards

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Dual Standards

A great tribal chieftain polygamous
Met raven haired beauty monogamous
He cherished his crown
But she wouldn't back down
And the kids that they had stayed anonymous.


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the fleeting moment
holding on to your dreams
before life revives you.

The Operation

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The Operation

The sight in the mirror had stunned her
The medics had made a real blunder
Her pert little nose
Looked like a red rose
And the surgeon refused to refund her.


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One girl's hair is wavy
Which fashion don't permit
Hair straighteners, the answer
They cost her quite a bit.

The sister's though is ramrod straight
But she wants wavy hair
So she wraps it all in rollers
tell me, where's the logic there?


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a state of mind
on nothing
a state of mind.
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