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The word fuck is used too often in blogs. It’s probably me. It’s probably just a generational thing. Often, I read a post where the word is used unnecessarily in place of a what, with a bit more thought, could have been a much more powerful adjective or expression. Used appropriately, and sparingly it can add to the power of a piece, but inappropriately, it just detracts. I think so anyway.

Okay. That’s it. I’ve had my little rant. The lockdown must be getting to me already.


11 Comments on “F**k

  1. Well, I agree with ya Bub. If (see that there, “IF”) a good writer is about the business of dialogue or a piece reflecting, seriously, in jest, or satirically, a slice-of-life, fact or fiction, at times NOT using the word violates the character that writer has worked to create or portray. No apology, but growing-up, living life sometimes hard, that’s how real people talked, and still do. As you say, used simply for shock value, such is cheap, gaudy, reflecting poorly on the effort and even comes across simply purile and out-of-place. Agree with your excellent write, am in sympathy. You could have included the whole of the scatologic verbiage. Look forward to your reads, sir.


  2. You’re right. It has shock value, so it is useful if used sparingly, but when it is every other word, I turn off.
    When we speak, we say “fuck” because our brains do not think quickly enough to come up with a more appropriate word. We have no such excuse as writers.

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