Hobbo Award


Honourable Order of Best Blog Owners

This is the award which I launched last month. It goes to the owner of the blog who has kept me amused and entertained over the previous few weeks. It doesn’t involve the winner in doing anything, or answering daft questions. It’s just my way of saying a little thank you for putting a smile on my face, and keeping your blog interesting.

The winner of the inaugural award was Mr Bump. This month, the winner is spwilcen. Visit their blog at https://spwilcenwrites.com/

He claims to be a rambling old man (who isn’t), but his posts will amuse you.


3 Comments on “Hobbo Award

  1. Struggling to read back on my notices as I’ve been (!!) writing stuff, I just found this. I am honored. Thank you for this recognition as it encourages me that I might not be completely off-kilter. Good to know I have at least once, anyway, achieved “amusing.” I shall strike out now for entertaining, socially responsible, intelligent, and thought-provoking. Maybe, on second thought, I should just worry over “at least he doesn’t offend EVERYONE.” See, what it is, is, I got standard bearers to show me the way – Hobbi, Bumpy, and several other older “gentlemen” at least as irascible as I. Again, sir, thankee. Press on!

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