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Trust is
a fragile flower
which once
must be 
carefully repaired
and can never
be fully restored.

6 Comments on “Fragile

  1. Not a poet, I have to ask a technical question. “Did you contemplate using ‘truth’ instead of ‘trust’ when you started to mold the clay of this sentiment?”


    • It would work with truth, but I thought trust was a more specific two-way thing. Sorry for the late reply, I found this question in spam!!

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      • Appropriately in spam, good sir. (I chuckle) Thanks for answering – Curious how a real poetry master’s mind works. Admit once again, poetry is ***** difficult work, and I admire your abilities to produce prolifically. Thanks for taking time to reply.

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      • Learn to accept compliments as gracefully as you do criticism. (Riotous laughter from in front of my keyboard – I have SO much to learn!)

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