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I’ve checked my spam folder for the FIRST time today. There were almost fifty comments in there which I had assumed were just electronic junk mail. Only ONE of them was unsolicited rubbish. All the others were genuine comments from readers of my posts! So, if you are someone who has been putting comments on and not getting a reply, I apologise. I haven’t deliberately ignored you, and I will be checking the spam folder daily from now on.



3 Comments on “Sorry!

  1. I do my spam about twice a week. The ones that build up are my “feedback” folder, where WP stuffs things like responses to my contact form. Akismet marks a lot as spam but it gets that right. I think it only ever got 1 or 2 comments right.
    Be careful when you approve comments because the screen changes and you can’t necessarily find what post they came from, if you were thinking of replying. I find that, anyway.

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