A Four Letter Word

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com
A Four Letter Word
This isn't a word
I use much in life
If I do, I'm in trouble
Most of all with my wife.

According to her
It's belittling and cheap
I admit, among men
We use it a heap.

It's a four letter word
That starts with a 'C'
Women don't like it
Demeans them you see.

The debate rages on
It is used all the time
But if I dare to say it
My life's not worth a dime.

So, you know how it starts
But those other three
I won't spell it out
But it ends with a 'T.'

And women don't like it
But men clearly do
For this four letter word
I have one final clue.

It is spoken the most
When out for a shop
Husbands open their mouths
And partners shout,"Stop."

Have you worked it out now
I know you're not lost
This troublesome word
Well, it's quite simply...cost.

9 Comments on “A Four Letter Word

  1. Ah words, words, words. Our tools,our downfall. What a clever write. Coffee hasn’t kicked in, so you dragged ma along, thinking, “he’s not really going to say that, is he? No. He’s not, not really?” You pulled your Missus into this; I feared for your life! Now, I’ll chuckle all the way to the coffee pot for my second cup. Oh that Hobby, he’s clever. A little evil, sure, but clever.

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  2. You got me, there! I was going to say ‘it’s fine to use it about Trump’ but I hear he’s going cheap at the moment…


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