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You say 
That you love me
But you won't
Do that
It's not a lot to ask
Not all the time
Just now and then
Would be nice
To show that
You really do
Love me
And it's not
Just words
A little sign of respect
That would not
Go amiss
I'm not asking a lot
Am I
So please try it for once
It won't hurt you
The next time
I'd really appreciate it
You could
See your way to
Putting the seat down.

11 Comments on “Please

  1. Its beautiful and honest! I hope it’s not for someone in particular. Last time I vented out with a sentimental poem on a blog without confronting my bf on those fronts. I got into a big big fight. :’)

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    • Thanks. It’s weird how most of the arguments in our lives are over silly stuff isn’t it.😂


  2. Well, you probably will have to make a choice. “Putting the seat down” may translate to “Leave the seat down” or accurately “Never bother to lift the seat up,” with inherent implications for the abuse the seat may endure, which translates to… I am still chuckling. Fortunately I was not, coffee cup in hand, mid-slurp. You clever soul.

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    • This does relate to a real life (beer related) incident. It involved me, the early hours, no light and a toilet which had been closed by my wife. It did not go well. The net result was a broken toilet lid which had to be replaced!


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