Dauphy: I was just thinking.

Hobbo: Oh yeah.

Dauphy: Was there ever a time before time?

Hobbo: That’s a really good question. I don’t know.

Dauphy: But you’r a poet.

Hobbo: Yeah.

Dauphy: I thought that poets were great philosophers, thought they new the answer to everything.

Hobbo: Not me Dauphy. I’m not that type of poet. I just write daft ditties to try and make people laugh.

Dauphy: Ahh! Can I have my tea now then?

Hobbo: Plenty of time!

8 Comments on “Paradox

  1. reading this again: i had such fun the first time: ‘daft ditties’ I love that, I love the self deprecation; when we can no longer laugh at ourselves it is time to put down the pen and take up gardening 🙂

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