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I’m not really a cat person. They’re okay, but I prefer dogs to be honest. Dauphy, well he likes chasing cats but is far too slow to catch one. If a cat turns round and stands it’s ground he will woof and walk away.

Anyway, today is international Cat Herders day. No, I’m not joking, check it out. Who dreams these things up? So, in honour of all cats everywhere, particularly one in Australia called Prissie, here is a great song called ‘Cool for Cats’ by a group named Squeeze. Enjoy!


10 Comments on “Cats

  1. Cats are unpretentious know-where-you-stand regal beasts. I love cats. Most catophiles, though give me pause. Like you, though, Hobb, I am a dog person. Dogs are more forgiving, and I need that.

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  2. I’m definitely a dog person. I grew up very rural to start, so two dogs were my first friends. As a tot I once said I’d grow up to be one. A bit of a disappointment to remain a mere human. But I’m glad I’m not a cat. Thanks for the snappy tune. A nice interlude in my workday!

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