The Generation Gap

The generation gap

New hearing aids fitted today
My grandson is very impressed
They work on Bluetooth technology
Whatever that means, they're the best.

Dauphy: So, are you part of the hearing aid generation now then?

Hobbo: Well, personally, I see myself more as a Bluetooth kinda guy.

Dauphy: Pffft!

9 Comments on “The Generation Gap

  1. Good’n! I’m in on this. Here’s the sweet thing (seems you’re a electroear newbie?) you get used to the “assist.” Then (I love this part!) when you take them out to sleep, you hear much less than normal it seems. Ready? gets to the point chipping teeth are a nuisance, pop the boogers out – instant silence! Excuse? Easy. “Commencing to make my ears itch.” Good morning read, bud. Have a super day!

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      • Batteries must be low. Oops! Forgot the batteries. Turned’m down because of all the feedback. Must be time to clean’m: plugged, likely. Hey, guy, you’re a poet. There are as many legit excuses as there are words that rhyme with tumeric. You’re not out of excuses, you’ve just taken it to another level!

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