Be more dog!

Dauphy: I’ve written a poem.

Hobbo: That’s good Dauphy, can I have a look?

Dauphy: Sure. (Gives it to Hobbo, who reads it).

Hobbo: This is pretty good. Shall we put it on the blog?

Dauphy: Yes please, but you’ll have to type it.

Hobbo: Why?

Dauphy: Don’t be silly. Everyone knows that dogs can’t type…

Be more dog!

I don't ever fret about you
And there's no way I'd pick up your poo
If I'm tired, then I drift off to sleep
I have no need to work for my keep.

You feed me my meals twice a day
When it's sunny, we go out to play
I know you think this part's a pain
But, I love our long walks in the rain.

I get muddy and dirty as hell
And I don't really care if I smell
I love you with all my dog heart
When you fuss other dogs, do I start?

I'm the spit of a dog who just chills
Bit like you, when you've taken your pills
So relax man, this world ain't so crappy
Be less man, be more dog, and be happy.

Hobbo: Thanks Dauphy!

Dauphy: You’re welcome. Will you teach me to type sometime?

16 Comments on “Be more dog!

  1. Very clever and (but of course) well executed. Does it bother you that you set the standard so high? I mean even Hobbo has to try to keep up.

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  2. Great work, Dauphy, but if I had the choice I’d be more cat (think Priscilla) that way I wouldn’t even have to be nice to my β€˜owner’…

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