Christmas 2020

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Christmas 2020

It was Christmas Eve at Santa's
And Rudolph had not made the squad
The others, were all out delivering
And he had been left on his tod.

A positive test had floored Rudolph
Suspected of Covid nineteen
The North Pole was too isolated
To get there, with virus vaccine.

The reindeer was sat with his feet up
Toasting his hooves by the fire
His nose getting redder and redder
The flames growing higher and higher.

Suddenly, whoosh, an explosion
Like the big bang, but more loud
Disturbed Rudolph's snooze by the fire
Covering the world in a cloud.

His nose had ignited the fairy dust
Used to make presents for kids
And the cloud which now covered our planet
Was it fatal? No, heaven forbids.

The dust was now targeting Covid
The virus was weakened, then killed
Now we all get to celebrate Christmas
And Rudolph, our hero, is thrilled.

Dauphy: More loud? You’ll have Don’s grammar police on to you!

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