Hobbo: You know I love you?

Dauphy: Of course! Why?

Hobbo: I was thinking about all the different ways that dogs are better than humans.

Dauphy: Such as?

Hobbo: You don’t have armies, other than food and toys you are not materialistic, your love is unconditional, you never judge me and you never, ever, ever worry about anything.

Dauphy: I worry about lots of things! Food. Toys. You. Cats. Squirrels. The list is endless. The difference is that I worry about the important things. You worry about rubbish stuff like politics, war, terrorism and the environment!

Hobbo: The environment is not rubbish!

Dauphy: It will be if you humans don’t get your act together. Can I pick the last song now?

Hobbo: Go on then.

Hobbo: I love this one Dauphy. Thanks!

Dauphy: That’s it then, until Boxing Day. A very Merry Christmas to all our readers all over the world. Thank you for your support!

Love and best wishes from Hobbo and Dauphy xx

9 Comments on “Dogs

  1. Merry Christmas Hobbo and Dauphy!! And thank you Dauphy for reminding me to set aside everything but food, toys, my husband, squirrels, maybe some birds and the neighbor’s cat who wanders by, and enjoy the next few days. Cheers!

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