Funny old weather

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Funny old weather

The electric blanket
of snow
turned quickly to rain,
a shower full
of cats and dogs
shot down by
bolts of lightening
if you find that frightening
listen to this
In France, il pleut
comme vache qui pisse.

Il pleut comme vache qui pisse
Pronounced: eel plur com vash key piss
French for, It's raining like a pissing cow.

Dauphy: Ah! A bit of French. Very educational.

Hobbo: I remembered that you French have some very funny sayings. This is one of my favourites.

Dauphy: I’ll teach you some more if you like.

Hobbo: Okay, but nothing too rude. we don’t want to offend anyone.

Dauphy: it’s a deal. Another day though. Wake me up when it’s tea time.

18 Comments on “Funny old weather

  1. Can’t wait!

    Funny thing, as soon as I set foot in France, all that textvook knowledge went out of the window, I learned how people really communicated with each other. As far as I could make out, “piss” only really had rude connotations in English, in France it was more matter-of-fact.

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      • “Slang” is deceptive. Your hat is ugly. Really? It’s a matter of perception and preference. The manner of dress of “with-it” folk amuses me, I couldn’t pull it off, but so long as everyone else is dressed as ridiculously, they love it. Strikes me, it’s the same with words. Who determines “proper,” “slang,” “vulgar,” “pompous,” “stilted,” or “acceptable”? Spades are spades, unless you choose to call them “tinsnips.” It’s your toolkit. Call it what you want.

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      • Fair point, up to a point. I’m all for what commentators euphemistically call ‘industrial language’, but it has to be in the right place or context doesn’t it? Think back to the work environment. Occasionally it might have been appropriate to tell someone to stop being a cunt, but not all the time, otherwise I would have fallen out with a lot more people than I did!πŸ˜‚
        (Sorry to get serious 😦 )

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      • S’okay. Pours concrete around the pillar. Some of the worst for profanity I can recall were two lasses(?) in Ro-di-lan who scared the (bleep) out of me in the lab late one night. Long and humorous in retelling but here, I fear the stronger sex would bring me up on charges of slander and harassment. Setting? Yes. Audience? Yes. Internalizing? No holds barred!

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  2. You are on a roll. Put me to mind of an old goatherd’s expression for heavy rain, which is certainly not for sharing here. Truck on, Sir Hobbo. Dauphy is on his own. I’m still a mite miffed over his comments.

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  3. Not sure if a pissing cow works for our rain today. Volume is appropriate but literally flying sideways in the wind, and SO grey and dark. I’m with Dauphy, I’d like to sleep through this one. Zzzz…

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