RIP Pierre

Photo by Tina Nord on
RIP Pierre

Monsieur Cardin
Popped le clogs
Il est dans le jardin
Avec ses chiens

Designer Cardin
Popped his clogs
He is in the garden
With his dogs.

Dauphy: Pierre Cardin, the colourful French designer has died?

Hobbo: Yesterday.

Dauphy: Very sad. Popped les clogs! That’s not French!

Hobbo: No, but it’s funny.

Dauphy: You think so? I have my reputation to think about. Popped les clogs!

13 Comments on “RIP Pierre

  1. Dauphy is right (don’t let on I said so) but I was prepared… “RIP” Hmm. Must be sad, so a slurp of coffee would be okay. No, this is PM Hobbo, best mind yourself, keep the keyboard dry. Aha! You thunked you’d get me. (You did, but my keyboard remains safe.) Sad affair for anyone’s passing, though.

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