We kick off today’s marathon postings with a chat with the star of this blog, Dauphy.

Hobbo: My Covid test has come back negative.

Dauphy: Oh dear!

Hobbo: Oh dear?

Dauphy: You told me to always be positive!

Hobbo: But a test should be negative.

Dauphy: So negative is positive?

Hobbo: It is.

Dauphy: Are you sure?

Hobbo: I’m positive!

Dauphy: Positive! You said you were negative.

Hobbo: I am.

Dauphy: You are what?

Hobbo: Negative.

Dauphy: And that’s positive?

Hobbo: Yes.

Dauphy: Not negative?

Hobbo: No!

Dauphy: So, should I still be positive?

Hobbo: Yes.

Dauphy: But if I tested positive, that would be a negative?

Hobbo: It would.

Dauphy: So, I need to think positive, but be negative?

Hobbo: By Jingo Dauphy, I think you’ve got it.

Dauphy: Who’s Jingo?

Hobbo: Have you got it Dauphy, or not?

Dauphy: I have. I have.

Hobbo: Positive?

Dauphy Don’t start……

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