We shall overcome

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com
We shall overcome

Our fragile global community
Must seize this opportunity
Have the vaccine
Against Covid 19
Until each of us has herd immunity.

11 Comments on “We shall overcome

  1. Herd what? Herd of cows. Of course I’ve herd of cows. No, a cow herd. I don’t care if a cow herd. Did he like Hobbos poemetry? You boob. I herd that. (( And who’s on first?))

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      • Like your response. Thot the same myself so often, especially when creating “new” fiction. See, I read a lot most of my life. How much of my creativity is unique to me? Won’t ever know.

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      • Thanks. What you say is very true. What we think is original thought is really just a by product of everything we’ve digested as we pass through life.


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