My Bezzie (by Dauphy)

My Bezzie (by Dauphy)

beautiful girl.
My best pal.
We chased squirrels
We chased cats
We chased each other.
did you have to
tear your pad?
wouldn't it heal?
did you leave me?
I miss you
so much!
Hobbo does too
but not
in the same fun loving
stick carrying
butt sniffing
unconditional way
that only a dog
will ever
Goodbye Bella
save me a place 
in doggy heaven.

16 Comments on “My Bezzie (by Dauphy)

    • Thank you. I really do miss her, even though it’s been two years. I felt a bit guilty about Dauphy getting all the limelight. Silly isn’t it.

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      • We have 2 dogs as well Charlie is a beagle he was lonely (daughters x took his buddy rucksack) so two years ago we adopted Wesley (he was adopted 4 times and returned because he wasn’t immediately showing love and would shy away. He was very abused afraid of everything noise, cars, didn’t know how to play with tips or people, wouldn’t eat with anyone watching it was heartbreaking. We let him adapt at his own pace, and he is not the same dog anymore. Lol he hate the UPS and Fedx trucks and barks and try’s to run after them) a lab/beagle mix the are best buds.

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      • Very funny! Bella was a rescue dog, and once she realised that we were on her side and would never abuse her she was an absolutely brilliant dog.

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