Dauphy’s Poetry Masterclass

Dauphy: That stuff we write…

Hobbo: What about it?

Dauphy: We don’t always follow the rules, do we?

Hobbo: It doesn’t matter. As long as we are making people laugh.

Dauphy: I was hoping you’d say that.

Hobbo: Why?

Dauphy: I’ve written another.

Hobbo: Let’s hear it then.

Dauphy: You’ll type it up?

Hobbo: Don’t I always?…

Poetry Masterclass (by Dauphy)

I don't give a Nelly 
for a villanelle
or a bonnet
for a fourteen line sonnet.
I'd rather watch bonanza
than struggle with a stanza.
A soliloquy
seems silly to me.
My nemesis
could be mimesis.
If I have a cold
then I might say ode.
I'd never take a stance
on dissonance or assonance.
When I do meet up with Koo
I'll say howdy, not haiku.
I wouldn't give a meg
about a mixed up meter.
You can't lick a lyric
for good alliteration
and a well penned limerick
can bring joy to a nation.
So, epic or ballad
stick those syllabic rules.
Me and  my mate Hobbo
are merely comic fools.

29 Comments on “Dauphy’s Poetry Masterclass

  1. β€˜When I do meet up with Koo
    I’ll say howdy, not haiku.’ 🀣🀣🌟 that is true poetry! Are you sure Dauphy doesn’t have a villanelle in her, being French and all?

    Liked by 2 people

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