Forget Eric and Ernie — John Malone

Hobbo: John runs one of our favourite blogs from his home in sunny Australia. We turned on our laptop this morning to find he has written this lovely poem about us. Thank you John.

Dauphy: Thank you John. I’m so exited. I’ve never been a celebrity before! Do you think they’ll let me go on that jungle programme?

Hobbo: You’re scared of snakes Dauphy. Anyway, if you want a good blog to follow which will cheer you up then …

Dauphy: Google Hobbo’s poems!

Hobbo: No Dauphy, that’s rude. Click here for an excellent blog:

Dauphy: Why was that rude?

Hobbo: I’ll explain later.

Forget Eric and Ernie Disregard Bing and Bob There’s a new comedy duo and they’re doing a great job They’re funnier than Stan & Ollie and even Bud & Lou They’re Hobbo and his dog, Dauphy wisdom with laughter too He’s a retired bus driver She’s a French lab together they write droll poetry and […]

Forget Eric and Ernie — John Malone

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