Prime Minister Material

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Prime Minister Material

Bumbling Boris bungles Britain's biggest battle.

Dauphy: I like that Hobbo. I’ve been keeping an eye on America for you, like you asked?

Hobbo: And?

Dauphy: Well that Trump’s a greedy so and so!

Hobbo: What makes you say that?

Dauphy: Boats! What’s he want nearly twelve thousand boats for?

Hobbo: I think you’ll find that’s votes Dauphy, not boats.

Dauphy: Well who’s this Georgia woman anyway?

Hobbo: Here Dauphy, borrow these…

Hobbo leans down and passes Dauphy his old hearing aids. Dauphy puts them in.

Dauphy: Thanks. I can see much better now!

14 Comments on “Prime Minister Material

  1. I love picturing your unique writing partnership! Hope everything is ok when you are and that you and Mrs Hobbo are safe and well!

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  2. Dauphy: we can fix ears somewhat. Have reasonable success with eyes. We have difficulty mending dysfunctional brains. That’s brains, Dauphy, not trains; we can fix trains. Brains, well, they either work or they don’t. Not that they think differently, that’s not the problem. The problem is the ones that don’t work, letting someone else tell them right from wrong. In Jaw-ja, and elsewhere in the US. Clutch will vouch for that. Dunno England. By the way, who’s this Boris guy?

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  3. Hello Espie, thanks for getting in touch. Makes a change to speak to someone who can tell the difference between the monkey and the organ grinder! In fairness to Hobbo, those hearing aids he lent me, work a treat. I can hear Mrs Hobbo telling him off much better now. My canine brain is fine thanks, but I did have to google Jaw-ja! Boris is a scruffy blonde guy. Friend of your pal Trump. He annoys Hobbo somewhat and claims to have some sort of top job over here.

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