Hobbo: A word please Dauphy!

Dauphy: (looking sheepish) Yes pal?

Hobbo: Have you been mucking about on the blog?

Dauphy: Erm, why do you ask?

Hobbo: Because someone has put star ratings on our posts, that’s why!

Dauphy: Erm…

Hobbo: So you have?

Dauphy: Well I thought it was worth a try. This way people can still comment on our posts, and they can still like them (if they want), but they can also rate them so we can see what sort of stuff people like, and what they don’t like.

Hobbo: I suppose that makes sense, but how much is this going to cost us?

Dauphy: Well it won’t cost me anything!

Hobbo: Me then! How much have you stung me for?

Dauphy: Nothing!

Hobbo: Are you sure?

Dauphy: Well no, not really, but there was rien that said you would need to pay more!

Hobbo: And I suppose it was you who has rated all of today’s blogs as excellent!

Dauphy: Well, I thought I might as well get us off to a good start.

Hobbo: You’re a Larrikin Dauphy. A veritable Larrikin!

Larrikin; Australian word for someone who disregards rules, a maverick.

26 Comments on “Ratings

    • Good to hear from you Don! You don’t follow our site, which niggles a bit, but no big deal, personal choice and all that. Last time I checked your site though, our likes were there, BUT the comments were not. I thought that you’d removed them. I decided that if you were going to remove the comments, which is your prerogative, then there was no point in posting them.
      Now, if this is yet another of WP’s infamous glitches, and you are happy to post our comments, then we are more than happy to join in the fun again!


    • Probably.πŸ™‚
      In Yorkshire the teacher would tell us to stop larkin’ about. The same idea really!
      Thanks for the input!πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Remembered the term skylarking: silly or frivolous behaviour, or joke playing. (originally nautical) Playing around; frolicking; originally, running about the rigging of a vessel for fun; horseplay.
        I think we found our origin. πŸ™‚


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