Oh Dauphy!

Dauphy: I’ve opened a box of sausages Hobbo, haven’t I?

Hobbo: If you mean a can of worms, yes. You certainly have. What happened?

Dauphy: It’s a bit complicated. Can I tell you in French, then you can explain it to everyone.

Hobbo: Good idea!

Dauphy: D’accord. (Dauphy does so)

Hobbo: Right. Think I’ve got it! Go into ‘My Site’ on WordPress as usual. In the menu on the left is WP Admin. Click this. In the next menu is ‘Feedback’, click this. This opens a window ‘Rating Results’. In the top left of this window is a button ‘Settings’. Click this button, and you are now able to put ‘One to five’ rating stars on your post, or on any page of your site. Brilliant thought Dauphy!

Dauphy: I did.

Hobbo: But there are just a couple of problems.

Dauphy: I haven’t slept, I tell you.

Hobbo: The first, a minor one: We are on the premium plan, currently Β£7 per month, and I don’t know if using ratings will up the cost of that. Secondly…

Dauphy: And this is the biggy!

Hobbo: It sure is Dauphy.

If you open our blog by typing WWW.Hobbospoems.com the star ratings are there on the blog. They are interactive and you can quickly rate a post from poor to excellent without having to give reasons. Brilliant!

BUT, and this is where it all falls down!

If you access a blog from WP reader as our followers do, the ratings do not appear! Now this is a major flaw which makes the ratings inaccessible, because we all read each others blogs through the WP reader, don’t we? Now me and Dauphy…

Dauphy: Dauphy and I please…

Hobbo: Now me and Dauphy have only been blogging for four months, so there may be some little trick of which we are not aware which would solve the second problem? Over to you, dear reader!

Dauphy: So, you’re not cross with me?

Hobbo: No Dauphy, I’m not cross!

Dauphy: Can I have a biscuit?…

21 Comments on “Oh Dauphy!

  1. Personally I don’t like ratings for blogs, but I can understand why you might want more detailed information about what readers like best. I’ll just stick to likes and comments though, as I prefer to enjoy reading without having to quantify the experience!

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    • Morning Ingrid. That would work fine. I wouldn’t expect ratings from everyone anyway. Thanks for your comments.πŸ™‚

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      • Of course, some people like to do it and it shows you are being very considerate of your readers which is a cool thing!

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      • πŸ˜… well I hope you get it sorted! I wanted to do a reblog the other day and my site doesn’t seem to have permission to do this. I will have to go on a mission to find out how to enable reblogs…

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    • And all these comments show why it was a bad idea. We should be talking to each other, not clicking stars! We’re not Amazon!

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      • I’ve had a word. The ratings have been removed. Dauphy is sulking in his basket! Oh no, he’s fast asleep. Snoring. Situation in the Hobbo household is back to normal!

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      • Ratings on a blog, no. On a purely “creative” (or [shudder] a literary) piece, yes. A blog is a running conversation, intimate, informal. Creative pieces, serious efforts, if the author has a 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 measure of how the work was received, can use this as a tool to improve, better serve the audience.

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  2. I’ve never tried ’em. Never put them on my own posts, never responded to ’em on others. I’m quite happy “liking” most every post I read, because I appreciate the time and effort the author must have put in creating the thing in the first place, but I could never give anything a 1-stat rating (i.e. it’s crap).
    I suspect if you used these stars, you’d get a disproportionate number of five-star reviews.

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    • Thanks. I think that the general consensus did! It was great from our point of view to get so much immediate feedback! I have had a word with Dauphy and the offending stars have been removed. Think before you click, I think. Lesson learned!

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  3. Ahhhh… The whole reader thing makes sense now!!

    Yeah, each to their own but reading though others comments I tend to agree.

    I will always ‘like’ something I read as a mark if respect to the writer if nothing else, but the real joy is most definitely in the interaction πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ–€

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