The early bird

Photo by Jozef Fehu00e9r on
The early bird

A worm, overweight, even burly
Is spotted by blackbird, out early
From the grass, he is torn
As he pops out the lawn
Chomped up, like a choc Curly Wurly.

18 Comments on “The early bird

      • We tried it about 20 years ago, but they sent us short-dated stuff so we stopped for years. Since the stroke (she’s now the only driver) we have used them occasionally. Since about June we’ve used them every week. I pity some of the people I speak to through Age UK, who don’t even have computers. That’s just another avenue that’s closed off to them.

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      • Yeah, that’s true. We have tried it before, but stopped for the same reason. Seems the only safe option at the moment. Even with the figures so high, people don’t keep their distance, and there are still some who refuse to wear masks!

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      • They release the numbers for the first day of lockdown today. I’m not expecting an instant decrease, but I’m hopeful that they should start tumbling quite quickly. But I’m thinking Easter, at least.

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  1. Curly whurly from “Vicker of Dibley.” Miss that show. Odd quality show. Fantasmic characters whom I’ve seen on other roles. Nice bit of work here, sir.

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