500 posts

Hobbo: We’ve reached 500 posts Dauphy!

Dauphy: Blimey!

Hobbo: That’s a lot of writing.

Dauphy: It’s a lot of piddling!

Hobbo: Not lampposts, we’ve posted 500 posts on the blog mate.

Dauphy: Honestly?

Hobbo: Scouts honour. 500 posts since we started last September!

Dauphy: Pretty good. No wonder I’m tired. Can I….?

Hobbo: Course you can. Here’s a bonio. Off you go for a snooze.

Dauphy: Can we say thank you first?

Hobbo: Good idea!

Hobbo and Dauphy: A big thank you to all our readers. We both look forward to many more readers and a lot more posts.

23 Comments on “500 posts

  1. That’s a lot of posts, Hobbo and Dauphy! Reminds me of what my driving instructor used to say (nervously) ‘frenamos un poco!’ (Let’s break a bit!) but only if you feel you need a break: seems like you are doing great at this frenetic pace!

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    • 🙂…or doucement (slowly/gently/carefully) as our French friends would say. If you’re getting bored, say so. I won’t take offence🙂

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      • Not at all! I just find myself saying that to myself sometimes, because I push myself too hard and it’s not always healthy. But then again I’ve got two young kids to take care of at the same time 😅

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      • Phew! Honestly, I don’t know how you manage to sustain such a prolific output in your circumstances. Well done you!🙂
        I did go through a phase of posting six poems a day, but that was too much. I try to limit myself to three now. If I think of any more during the day, I may pick up my pen again, but I save them for the following day.🙂
        Three posts a day may seem a lot, but they are considerably shorter than most.🙂

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      • And they are always a pleasure to read 😊 I don’t always have time to read long posts, but I do enjoy your poems and they tend to make me laugh!

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  2. 500!!!! You two have certainly been busy bees. Although I’ve joined the following recently, I’ve certainly enjoyed the chuckles and guffaws. 🥳cheers 🥃

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