If at first…

Photo by Mateusz Dach on Pexels.com
If, at first...

This was his tenth driving test
Don hit a bin wagon, head on
Although docs at the scene did their best
God, got to say, "You've passed Don."

12 Comments on “If at first…

      • I am learning. Some can be ignored. Some cannot. A certain, um, precautionary procedure, goes with reading PM Hobbo. A bit of sympathy overriding the clever humor of the twist, a wide grin, but no complete loss of control.

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      • No. Don’t. You should realize as Dauphy does, one cannot always be Robin Williams or Bill Connolly. Even when humor carries a serious message or moral it must yield at times to a greater message, forgoing ROFL WMP

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      • ROFL WMP? I don’t like asking, but I’m stuck and Dauphy is fast asleep again, so no help coming from that quarter!
        I came up with Right Of Follower’s Laughter With More Poems, but I am probably light years away! šŸ˜‚

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      • Roll On (the) Floor Laughing. Wet My Pants. Surprised that’s not part of your foreign language repertoire. Fancied you a right hep dude. Oh, Dauphy. Right.

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