Dauphy: What’s up?

Hobbo: This blog! Since I changed the colour scheme, it’s not working properly.

Dauphy: How.

Hobbo: It keeps freezing when I try to edit anything. Won’t let me alter or add pages. Need I go on!

Dauphy: Have you tried changing the fuffle valve, or adjusting the giggling stick?

Hobbo: What the heck are them?

Dauphy: Don’t ask me. I’m only a dog!

Hobbo: Thanks Dauphy! Meanwhile, to all those who look forward to our daily blogs (both of you), I can only apologise for the break. We have contacted WordPress, and are waiting for them to get back to us!

8 Comments on “WordPress

  1. Oh dear! Don’t hold your breath for WP getting back to you…perhaps one of your more tech savvy readers might be able to help (not me 😳)

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  2. As an old IT guy I still get bamfoozled by software others write. I feel for you. Good luck. I hope WP gets you fixed quickly. Meanwh ile ta kesolii cein th fac thatith appen setoall ofus nowa ndag ain.

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  3. Hi, if you are reading this, I am still having a problem. WP got back to me after two attempts, but the problem is too difficult to resolve via the helpline. I am told there is now a ‘team’ trying to fix it, and they will get back to me via email!
    As advised by Ingrid, I am not holding my breath. Until the problem is fixed, I can’t post or edit anything, all I can do is leave comments on my own blog.


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