Beware the WordPress Bug!

Dauphy: You’re in a better mood this morning!

Hobbo: WordPress have sorted our blog out.

Dauphy: Was it the fuffel valve, like I said?

Hobbo: Nope.

Dauphy: The giggling shaft then?

Hobbo: It was the re-usable blocks.

Dauphy: Are you talking Yorkshire again?

Hobbo: When I type one of your brilliant poems onto a page, I turn it into a re-usable block.

Dauphy: Sounds like something to put in the toilet!

Hobbo: I put the re-usable block onto another page, and then post it.

Dauphy: At the Post Office?

Hobbo: On the site. Apparently, I had somehow got a re-usable block inside another re-usable block and that had frozen everything!

Dauphy: Sounds complicated. Can I stick to writing poems?

Hobbo: Course you can.

Dauphy: So how did you solve it.

Hobbo: By deleting all of my re-usable blocks. All 510 of them!

Dauphy: Blimey! You’d better warn other WordPress readers.

Hobbo: I think you’ve just done that Dauphy!

Dauphy: Have I? Does that mean I get a snooze now?…

16 Comments on “Beware the WordPress Bug!

  1. I know. Word Press can be tricky esp when they make changes to the block system. Blimey as Dauphy would say: 510 blocks — that’s a hard way to learn; but at least you guys are in charge now and readers can relax —

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    • The block editor thing would only let me bin 20 at a time, so I was there for a while. Wanted to make other users aware because it took the WP team the best part of a day to identify the cause of the problem. πŸ™‚

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  2. A block within a block! I didn’t know that was even possible πŸ˜… have you been watching the movie β€˜Inception’ by any chance?

    Deleting 510 blocks? Ouch! 😬

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  3. I only ever had two reusable blocks, for the posts I write which had/have exactly the same intro, every week. Aside from that, I don’t go near ’em.
    Even the prompts I do regularly, I never quite post the same text, because there is usually a link in there which changes every week.
    Really, people should use them very sparingly because there are very few situations where they come into play.

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