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Meerkats, queer cats
Kit-Kats and kitty cats
Top Cats, tom cats
Caterpillar, Cheshire cats.

Cat's paw, cat's claw
Cat's cradle, caterwaul
Cat O'Nine- Tails
Cats with nine lives.

Fighting like a
Cat and dog
Who let that cat
out the bag?

My dogs name.
He'll kill those cats
And take the blame.

Dauphy: I wouldn’t kill a cat. I’m not like that!

Hobbo: It’s just a saying, curiosity killed the cat.

Dauphy: Why?

Hobbo: Dunno.

Dauphy: I’d chase one though. I like chasing cats!

Hobbo: And squirrels

Dauphy: Oh yes, squirrels too!

Hobbo: What would you do if you ever caught one?

Dauphy: I’ve not thought of that. Play with it I suppose…

9 Comments on “Cats

  1. 😳 I certainly hope Dauphy wouldn’t kill a cat! ‘Fraid I’m a ‘cat person’ don’t tell Dauphy 🤫 but I do like dogs too!

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