Dauphy’s Philosophy

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Dauphy: I’ve been thinking!

Hobbo: Hmm….

Dauphy: This philophosy malarkey, I could quite get into that!

Hobbo: Philosophy, I think you mean philosophy!

Dauphy: Yeah, whatever. Anyway, I’ve been doing a bit of philophowhatever myself and

Hobbo: And you’ve thought up a poem?

Dauphy: How did you know that?

Hobbo: Dauphy, how long have we been pals? Give it here, and I’ll type it up…..

Dauphy's Philosophy
(part one, Hobbo suspects)

To train a dog to
sit, you need a dog to train.
To teach a man to
fish, you need a man, a fish
and a flipping good chippy.

7 Comments on “Dauphy’s Philosophy

  1. So very fortunately, coffee is still abrew. Dauph has a calling. Is there not some Irish in his bloodlines? Don’t embarrass him asking, just curious.



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