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My old man is lying here
I visit him, but once a year
Twenty years this blokes been dead
And still he's messing with my head.

Parents nurturing and kind
for me a joke, they screw your mind
I'm not like them,and God forbid
That I should ever hurt the kids.

Am I any better though?
Ask my boys, for I don't know.

14 Comments on “Bloodlines

  1. Whoa! One heck of an argument (debate? discussion? disagreement?) abrew there. Sadly never to be properly settled as neither the causes nor effects can be quantified.

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  2. 🤨 I never go to my parents graves, their love and lessons live within me. I hope one day my kids can say the same. Just scatter me in the wind and water.

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  3. I live in fear of how I will mess with my kids. But i can only stumble in the dark and do my best and try not to be overwhelmed by the huge crowd of onlookers yelling advice and criticism from the sidelines. Cross my fingers and open my heart.

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  4. That’s a great poem Hobbo. Tough subject.I was lucky I had a great mam and dad who loved life and they past that onto me. As for the kids, I’ve tried to be the best I can be. Far from perfect but who can say they are? As for the kids I know they all love me. Must have done ok because they keep coming back! It’s a tough job being a parent mate.

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  5. Thanks Vinny. It was tough admitting that your parents have let you down. Makes you feel disloyal. Did they do their best under difficult circumstances which I didn’t understand? The jury is out. As you say, parenting is a difficult task, and though we try to do what is right, none of us are perfect.


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