The Assignation

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The assignation

Ran like crazy, to the station
Late again, the aggravation
Would she keep their assignation
He was getting palpitations.

Then, amongst the congregation
Spied, and waved with admiration
Hard to hide his adoration
Can't control his respiration.

She's excited, pure elation
Pleased, there'd been no cancellation
Take a stroll, first inclination
Fresh air adding stimulation.

Subdued is the conversation
Lost in thought, in meditation
Feeling under obligation
He speaks first, makes observation.

No need for commiseration
This is not infatuation
This is love, no reservation
Too late now, for reputations.

What use now, a confrontation
She forgives his brief flirtation
His, a stressful occupation
She, his soulmate, his salvation.

This is more than fascination
Mutual, their declaration
So, among the vegetation
They play game, of generations.

Love is sealed, an affirmation
Wounds are healed, no complications
He can not hide his jubilation
She is his for all occasions.

Grateful for her approbation
He gives her a presentation
Birds on high, a murmuration
Fly, and sing their salutation.

She forgives their separation
Needs no other explanation
Next time he goes on vacation
She comes with him, his dalmatian.

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