The Yorksher Alphabet

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The Yorksher Alphabet

A  is food for 'osses.
B  a stripey insect that makes 'unny.
C  a big, wavy pond full of fish.
D  a river in Wales.
E  by gum, a fairly meaningless Yorkshire expression.
F and Jeff, to swear.
G  an expression of delight.
H  the thing a woman will never disclose truthfully.
I    usually come in pairs. used for seeing.
J    a type of bird.
K  a lasses name
L  where I'll likely go after I die.
M  a polite way of interrupting a conversation.
N  a domestic bird, lays eggs for our breakfast.
O  an expression of surprise.
P  done a lot after too much to drink.
Q  an orderly line, peculiar to Brits.
R  a state of existence, as in you R.
S  a whispered affirmation.
T  'ot beverage, served with biscuits.
U  thee
V   a rude salute.
W  definitely thee.
X  things that 'ens lay.
Y  a toddler's favourite question.
Z  noggin, skull, as in he's off 'is Z.

With thanks to The Two Ronnies and Baldrick from Black Adder for a couple of these definitions!

18 Comments on “The Yorksher Alphabet

  1. Brilliant!

    I miss the Ronnies. Sometimes, for no reason, their mastermind sketch pops into my head. Don’t make em like that anymore. Well, you do, and much thanks for it.

    Liked by 1 person

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