A good night’s sleep

Hobbo: You did it again!

Dauphy: Did what?

Hobbo: Woke me up with an idea!

Dauphy: I thought you’d want to hear it.

Hobbo: I do, but not at three in the morning

Dauphy; Sorry.

Hobbo: No don’t apologise. What was the idea?

Dauphy: I’ve forgotten now!…

Hobbo: Never mind. Not your fault. I’ll start taking a notebook to bed.

Dauphy: Great idea…

A good night's sleep

Search my head
For inspiration
Go to bed
In sheer frustration.

Wake up yawning
Words in ear
Three in morning
Dauphy's idea.

Thanks a lot
Can't it keep
Idea's hot
Now back to sleep!

13 Comments on “A good night’s sleep

  1. Hmm. I still do that – the notebook trick. On arising the next time, I find the most unintelligible scratching you could imagine. Pretty in an odd sort of way, but aside from any questionable artistic value, worthless. I heard that snicker, Dauphy! Good luck, Sir PM. Suggest you hold back on D’s Bowser Bone Treats until he learns a little tolerance for the lesser of us out here.

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    • Perhaps I should take some crayons to bed then, I’ll discuss it with Dauphy. Advice re the treats duly noted, although if you saw Dauphy in a sulk, you would realise how difficult that is.

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      • I’ve the fortune to have one or two (isn’t that a stupid declaration?) Lab friends. Neither of them as erudite as Dauphy. I would ask this if Sir Hobbo: how does one tell when a Lab is mid-sulk? Their demeanor generally dour anyway.

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      • Ah. I will pay closer attention. But you know, even as understanding of human frailties as Labs are, one is cautioned to only very carefully engage canine eyes. That Alpha thing, you know, perception of challenge.

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