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A charitable crutch
For the poor and needy
Or, an easy touch
For the feckless, greedy.

Mere subsistence
A basic feed
Or does their existence
Create the need.

Providing human fuel
As a last resort
The question is cruel
But it does need thought.

19 Comments on “Foodbanks

  1. I think a lot of people are genuinely struggling, especially right now. But there will always be people who think the world owes them a living.

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    • I thought that this one could provoke a reaction Ingrid, but sometimes the sleeping dog needs poking! I raised the question, because I’m interested how others feel, so thanks for the response.🙂

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      • I do think the lazy types don’t use food banks. Because they don’t want basic provisions but a luxury shop paid for by fraudulent benefit claims. I used to work in benefits so I’ve seen plenty of examples of genuine struggle and genuine greed!

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      • My son works in benefits, and he gets really frustrated when the rules seem weighed against honest claimants suffering genuine hardship.

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      • I used to do financial assessments for people with overpayments and some were like ‘I’ll pay you back 50p per week because I need £200 a month for sky.’ I had some fun conversations with those guys!

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      • Interesting. I know somebody who has worked in Emergency. Some people use ER as a way of getting free medicine rather than going to a GP. It clogs up the works a bit. I guess some people would call it a failure of socialism. I call it people being self centered. But that’s easy to say when you have the luxury of being able to afford the GP.

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      • There will always be a section of society who will abuse whatever systems are put into place to protect them.

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  2. Hmmm. You think the needy might have come after the soup kitchens? Or that they’re not actually in need of the soup kitchens? My brain is looping. I’m like one of those cassette tapes with the string all coming out. 😀

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  3. I keep extra snack packs and socks in my bag for the people panhandling or curled up on the streets. I can’t imagine their lives other than that there was amazing pain and loss. Feeding someone is just like giving them a hug. I’m okay with the greed of a few to do what is humane. 😉

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  4. This should keep you busy for a week moderating comments. Swell post. Good noggin-piece. Not even political. Basic human issues. Genuine need. Unchecked sloth.

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