Coincidence or Consequence

Coincidence or Consequence

Fat woman orders
super-sized meal.
Coincidence or consequence?

Drug addict
sleeps on park bench.
Coincidence or consequence?

Lottery winner
desperately lonely.
Coincidence or consequence?

Child abuser
raped in jail.
Coincidence or consequence?

dies at desk.
Coincidence or consequence?

not trusted.
Coincidence or consequence?

Non judgmental people
live happier lives.
Coincidence or consequence?

22 Comments on “Coincidence or Consequence

  1. You’ve got a bunch of provocative thoughts here.
    I tried so hard not passing any judgments… but failed so hard on the child abuser

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    • Thanks…I don’t think it realistic to live our whole lives in a totally non judgemental way. We do have to make choices in life. As long as we are aware of what we are doing.πŸ™‚

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      • You are right!

        When I was a kid, I thought my mom’s a saint. I even wondered whether she commits a sin ever… she doesn’t say bad words, she’s generous, she’s kind, she’s helpful, she loved serving people..

        When I grew older. Man, she’s a normal person… she’s kinder than many yes, but she makes snide comments too! I was relieved!

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      • That’s funny Janis. If we are lucky enough to have good parent(s) we do tend to idolise them.It comes as a relief when we realise that they are human after all!

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