Monsieur Bump

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Monsieur Bump

Limerick king, Mister Bump's
Inspiration was down in the dumps
A quick cup of tea
And a biscuit or three
Helped his quick witted rhymes come up trumps.

8 Comments on “Monsieur Bump

  1. I’m a firm believer of that philosophy except I’d choose coffee over tea, though probably tea is more soothing, and dark chocolate over biscuits, the source of much energy; though biscuits seem to do Mr. Bump no harm 🙂

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  2. Any excuse for a hot beverage and a sit down sounds good to me. And rather than viewing the biscuit as evil, see it as part of the ritual of giving yourself a break. Mostly, if I crave something sweet, I like to sit down with the sweet thing and the cuppa and make a moment of self-care out of it. It’s so lovely and it’s a great way to limit my intake of sweets.

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