Dauphy’s snail poem

Dauphy: Valentines Day on Sunday.

Hobbo: I’ve not got you anything. I’ve told you, it’s a commercial rip off.

Dauphy: What about Mrs Hobbo?

Hobbo: She knows where I stand on the matter.

Dauphy: Not even extra treats?

Hobbo: Wait and see.

Dauphy: I might write you a poem!

Hobbo: That would be nice. I’ll look forward to it.

Dauphy: You look a bit stressed this morning. I’ve written a little ditty to cheer you up.

Hobbo: Take it away…

Dauphy's snail poem

The cute little snail
Leaves snot in his trail
Wherever he goes
So please wipe his nose.

Dauphy: What do you think?

Hobbo: It’s a bit juvenile.

Dauphy: I am a dog remember…

13 Comments on “Dauphy’s snail poem

  1. That’s a cute picture of Dauphy! Might he have a sonnet in him for Sonnet Sunday? (it’s the new EIF name for Valentine’s Day!)

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