Dauphy’s Valentine

Dauphy: Here is the Valentine I wrote for you.

Hobbo: Aww. Thank you!

Dauphy's Valentine

I'm more than just a trophy dog
I'll always be your Dauphy dog
You take me out in every weather
We've even been on swims together
You pick my crap up when I poo
Not something all the others do
You treat me kind and feed me well
You bath me when I start to smell
We walk for hours through the wood
You let me roll about in mud
You give me scraps from off the roast
And let me pee on every post
You put my coat on when it's cold
We both walk slowly now we're old
We have long talks, I don't say much
I use my eyes to keep in touch
You love it when I greet you home
Reward me with a gravy bone
You are the biscuit of my eye
I'll love you till the day I die
One last thing, I wonder whether
We should sniff some butts together!

Hobbo: That’s really sweet Dauphy. Thank you!

Dauphy: Can I have a nap now?

Hobbo: Of course. Just one thing though. The butt sniffing, not a good idea!

Dauphy: Why not? I thought you’d like that.

Hobbo: It’s more of a dog thing…

Dauphy: Fair enough. I’m off for a kip. It made my head hurt writing all that…

18 Comments on “Dauphy’s Valentine

  1. Dauphy, you romantic rover! I was going to comment on your butt sniffing ways, but decided this was a nice canine-friendly poem. Let’s just say, you seem to be a wonderful companion. Happy V-Day, Dauphy.

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  2. Pic shows D working hard his next piece of prose. The whole sniff and handshake dilemma was suffered through with Clutch. To about the same conclusion. Clutch convinced humans are an inferior breed. They (Clutch and D) are probably correct. Visions will disturb me all day today. About that “normal” thing? Under reconsideration…

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    • I always think of a bull, or a ram in a field. Ambles over. Quick sniff. Yep, she’s up for it. No small talk. No foreplay. Quick bonk. Job done.
      And humans think we’re the intelligent ones!…

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