Love is…

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Love is...

Putting the bins out when it's not your turn.
Apologising before you fart.
Pretending to listen when you haven't a clue what she is talking about.
Waiting until she leaves the room before picking your nose.
Letting her clean the toilet, even though you would love to do it.
Not forgetting her birthday more than once a year.
Buying her petrol station flowers for the thrill of hearing her say,"What are these for?"
Letting her watch the football, rather than a sloppy film.
Getting her a fish supper on your way home from the pub.
Sleeping fully clothed in the bath, so you don't have to wake her.

25 Comments on “Love is…

  1. This was delightful, a tea-(coffee)cup snorter! Dude, you need to get back on your meds. Absolutely well done. And so wonderfully romantic.

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  2. Hehe, so many generous definitions of love. I giggled, but I think this list might need to be a required conversation/arrangement before two people cohabitate.

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