I love you to bits…

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com
Love you to bits..

You're the flirt
in a skirt.
The snag
In our snog.

You're a nail
in my mail.
The weed
in my need.

You're the pest
in my vest.
The fly
in my eye.

You're the wart
in my court.
The itch
in my snitch.

You're the clot
That I've got.
You're the nit
in my knot...

...and I love you to bits.

15 Comments on “I love you to bits…

  1. I read posts top-down, so you understand my bit of backward. So. About a celebration, eh? Which reinforces my supposition there’s more to keeping you in line than Dauph. I would think though, that is, I surely hope, your ribaldry is for WPsians’ sake alone, else you need to consider just how lucky you are to get away with what you do.(Still, chuckling, still chuckling.)

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