Tempus fugit

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Tempus fugit

That breath
you have taken
you will never
breathe again.

The harsh words
you have spoken
can never
be unsaid.

That memory
you are making,
the teardrop
in your eye
and tomorrow
claims the lot,
every thing
a fleeting lie.

Be not afraid
though, little one.
Time flies like this
for everyone.

21 Comments on “Tempus fugit

  1. Brilliant. One day, stay on the meds and put together a compendium of your serious stuff. Classically profound and one thinks beyond the reach of clown. Not, so, we see.

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    • Thank you Monsieur SP. The classically profound I like, but that’s down to Dauphy. I am simply his foil. Not sure I should stay on the meds for too long! Don’t want to get addicted to the blighters.

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