The Way

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The way

said I do
forty four 
years ago.

Sixteen thousand
cooked meals
by you
for me
with love.

silent majority

vocal minority

And your
truly special
platinum collection
made my
taste buds tango.

You didn't
find a way 
to my heart
you built
a culinary autobahn.
Merci ma cherie, je t'aime!

18 Comments on “The Way

  1. Whew. I thought you’d been sucked over to the dark side and your literary prowess had been corrupted to support another recipe flog. What a relief! (I do follow five excellent foodie flogs, but that’s quite enough.) Well done, sir, and I’ll not suggest any post poem activity. If you are celebrating, that is admirable. We suspect Ste. Missus Hobbo, for more than the obvious, responsible.

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