Life doesn’t get much more exciting!

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This was a genuine conversation in the pharmacist’s yesterday. Fortunately there were no other customers. Readers of a delicate disposition need read no further…

Hobbo: Have you anything for hemorrhoids please?

Chemist: Pardon?

Hobbo: (Shouting) Hemorrhoids, have you anything for hemorrhoids?

Chemist: Emma who? I can’t hear you. Can you lower your mask please.

Hobbo: (Does so) Hemorrhoids, piles, have you anything for piles?

Chemist: Oh! You should have said! (indicates articles on shelf) We have these or this.

Hobbo: Those?

Chemist: Suppositories. You put them up your bottom.

Hobbo: Er, I’ll give them a miss thanks. What’s the other.

Chemist: It’s a cream. My mother has piles, and she swears by it!

Hobbo: What does she say? it doesn’t bloody work!

Chemist: She swears it helps her.

Hobbo: Okay, I’ll take some. How much is it?

Chemist: Β£4.20 for the small one(indicates Lilliputian sized box) or Β£6.20 for this (indicates box large enough to treat a platoon of hemorrhoid sufferers for the next 10 years).

Hobbo: Better take the large one…

26 Comments on “Life doesn’t get much more exciting!

  1. A fine mid-morning chuckle. A social comment if one allows the mind a bit of rein. Any number of ways. Especially if, as declared, this has basis in personal frustration. Press on! I’m slacked-off, and will take delight in the Grand Muse’s musings to hold my grumpy-old in check..


      • Had there been others, it might well have taken off on a longer, even more riotous tack. I do know the Hobbo; it’s his way. And we love it.

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      • I had a similar experience in Marks and Spencer’s one Christmas buying underwear for Mrs H. That’s a shopping trip I’ll maybe share at a later date!

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