Life doesn’t get much more exciting!

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This was a genuine conversation in the pharmacist’s yesterday. Fortunately there were no other customers. Readers of a delicate disposition need read no further…

Hobbo: Have you anything for hemorrhoids please?

Chemist: Pardon?

Hobbo: (Shouting) Hemorrhoids, have you anything for hemorrhoids?

Chemist: Emma who? I can’t hear you. Can you lower your mask please.

Hobbo: (Does so) Hemorrhoids, piles, have you anything for piles?

Chemist: Oh! You should have said! (indicates articles on shelf) We have these or this.

Hobbo: Those?

Chemist: Suppositories. You put them up your bottom.

Hobbo: Er, I’ll give them a miss thanks. What’s the other.

Chemist: It’s a cream. My mother has piles, and she swears by it!

Hobbo: What does she say? it doesn’t bloody work!

Chemist: She swears it helps her.

Hobbo: Okay, I’ll take some. How much is it?

Chemist: Β£4.20 for the small one(indicates Lilliputian sized box) or Β£6.20 for this (indicates box large enough to treat a platoon of hemorrhoid sufferers for the next 10 years).

Hobbo: Better take the large one…

31 Comments on “Life doesn’t get much more exciting!

  1. A fine mid-morning chuckle. A social comment if one allows the mind a bit of rein. Any number of ways. Especially if, as declared, this has basis in personal frustration. Press on! I’m slacked-off, and will take delight in the Grand Muse’s musings to hold my grumpy-old in check..


      • Had there been others, it might well have taken off on a longer, even more riotous tack. I do know the Hobbo; it’s his way. And we love it.

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      • I had a similar experience in Marks and Spencer’s one Christmas buying underwear for Mrs H. That’s a shopping trip I’ll maybe share at a later date!

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  2. Last line made me laugh, it’s a wonder anyone gets the right stuff in chemists and when they ask if it’s the right prescription you are picking up for someone else and you have no idea what the drug is called and can’t make out their muffled voices…

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  3. Yeah… LOL!….That’s the kind of conversation you put in a book or show and people think you’re making it up and it’s way over the top. Life is always crazier than fiction. I didn’t laugh out loud till the box sizes at the end. LOL!! :D. I needed that laugh. Thanks!

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