And this time tomorrow?

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And this time tomorrow?

We are the infantile guardians
of a four billion year old lady
and how do we respond
to that heavy burden?
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We wage war
over her body parts,
fighting for exclusive rights
to this limb, or that torso.
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We steal
her most valuable possessions
with no thought
to replace them.
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We exterminate
anything lower on the food chain
to the point of
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We pollute
her arteries and internal organs
with plastic
and industrial waste.
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We suffocate her,
filling the air
that she breathes
with noxious gases.
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

We talk
whilst she weeps
at the abuse
she has suffered.
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?

What will change tomorrow?
Tout ou rien?
demain, à cette heure-ci?

Tout ou rien:  All or nothing
Et demain, à cette heure-ci?:  And this time tomorrow?

21 Comments on “And this time tomorrow?

    • I wrote this in response to your post yesterday. Then I thought, who is going to listen to a bunch of poets and writers banging on about climate change? Probably only people who care anyway,
      I suspect that the beauty of the words and the artistry with which they are crafted together may sell books for the cause, but will it alter what people do?
      That got me thinking (twice in one day!) that I would like to write something a bit more gritty. Something that challenges individuals, and doesn’t just ask them what they are doing, but informs them what they could be doing. Does this make sense?
      Anyhow, that’s what I’m working on. Whether I produce anything suitable is a different matter altogether!

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      • That makes perfect sense. I was always concerned about these issues but I felt completely powerless. Then I read ‘How bad are bananas?’ And I realised not only can I do something, I also have a duty to do whatever I can. I am looking forward to your contribution!

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      • Aw, I’m glad you understand what I’m getting at! After I posted it, I thought it might come across as criticism of your project, which it was never intended to be. I think it’s a great idea, and fair play to you for doing something.

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