Counting Games

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Counting Games

For the pessimist
One, two, nothing to do
Three, four, can't take any more
Five, six, I'm in a fix
Seven, eight, ruled by fate
Nine, ten, I don't know when
Eleven, twelve, left on shelves
Thirteen, fourteen, whole world's so mean
Fifteen, sixteen, everything is obscene
Seventeen, eighteen, I'm a has-been
Nineteen, twenty, all is empty.

For the optimist
One, two, plenty to do
Three, four, let's go explore
Five, six, build those bricks
Seven, eight, never too late
Nine, ten, yes happy again
Eleven, twelve, play with elves
Thirteen, fourteen, everything is so green
Fifteen, sixteen, I'm a dancing queen
Seventeen, eighteen, so much unseen
Nineteen, twenty, we've got plenty.

18 Comments on “Counting Games

  1. 1 2 I read this through
    3 4 I want to read more
    5 6 I think this was slick
    7 8 I can relate
    9 10 I can’t come up with more

    I love this little ditty Mr. H 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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