To Do Lists

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Things to do lists

His, during covid lockdown
1. Shave
2. Shower
3. Fed
4. Watch telly
5. Bed

Hers, during covid lockdown
1. Clean
2. Cook
3. Wash
4. Shop
5. Vac
6. Dust
7. Iron
8. Drop

His, after covid lockdown
1. Get shave
2. Get shower
3. Get fed
4. Watch telly
5. Go to bed

Hers, after covid lockdown
1. Buy a season ticket, can they survive the drop?
2. Jimmy Choo's size seven, from that designer shop.
3. Book foreign holiday, in Italy or Spain.
4. Ring up Bob the Builder, to fix that window pane.
5. Meet my friends for coffee, a catch-up, and a chat.
6. Renew my gym subscription, got to lose this fat.
7. Take my mother shopping, but must be M and S.
8. Judy could come with us, and pick herself a dress.
9. New nail bar in Blackburn, it's doing two for one.
10. While I'm being pampered, I'll have my Barnet done.
11. Join local theatre group, for social intercourse.
12. Tell my useless husband, I'm filing for divorce.

M and S, Marks and Spencers, a UK shop
Barnet, cockney rhyming slang for hair.

18 Comments on “To Do Lists

  1. Ha! πŸ˜‚You forgot mine; run away to an undisclosed beach or island and leave a written message behind as close~I can’t sand any of you anymore.

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